4 X Jingle bells Santa key kits ( 2.49 each)


Jingle bells Santa key necklace kits.

Each kit makes 4 jingle bells Santa keys with organza ribbon


1. Add the two charms to the two split rings, join the split rings together then attach one of the split rings to the ring at the top of the Santa key.

2. Using a piece of elastic tie on the bells to the ring at the top of the santa key use a reef knot two times for each bell, cut of excess elastic.

3. Cut a piece of red organza ribbon to the desired length and tie onto the top at the top of the key, tie both ends of the ribbon to complete.

Tools required: Pliers / Scissors


28 assorted bells

2 metres elastic

4 metres red organza ribbon

4 x santa keys

4 x snowman charms

4 x sock charm

8 x jump rings