Glass Gems And Earrings Various Colours - 8mm



With this purchase you will receive a pair of Rhodium Plated stud earrings and two gems of your choice for you to make up yourself, if you purchase 10 pairs of earrings the price drops to just 75p a pair! With 15 colours to choose from you can create a variety of different earrings! 

One Pair (two earrings and gems) = £1.00
10 Pairs (20 earrings and gems) = £7.50

Measurements: Gem- 5mm x 8mm Earring- 16mm x 7.5mm 

Please note that these earrings do not come with backs. 

Colour may vary slightly than pictured, this is due to each computer having a different capability in displaying colours. We do try to edit our photos to show our samples as life-like as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product