Jewellery making ideas for children's parties

Children's parties can be a good source of income for jewellery makers.
Wooden and acrylic children's bracelets can be made for around 30p, leaving lots of scope for profits.
Suggested pricing for a children's party would be around £10 per child with each making two bracelets.
6 children x £10 = £60 - cost £3.60 =
 £56.40 PROFIT 
Do not forget your travelling costs - parties not close to your home or shop should carry a surcharge to cover fuel costs. 
Watch our video on how to make a children's bracelet in a child like way. 

Click here to buy this kit and get all the materials you will need to make at least 100 bracelets for your children parties. 

The materials that you will get from the kit: 

1. Enough colouful wooden beads to make 100 bracelets  (mixed colours and designs) 

2. 1 roll of 0.8mm elastic (100meters) 

No tools are required for this kit

Have a look of our Jewellery making ideas for children's party.