KN95 Face Masks

KN95 respirator face mask

We have for weeks now offered our help to the NHS to help source PPE from China, no-one from the NHS have contacted us.

We cannot stand by any longer and watch our front line staff working in dangerous environments without wearing face masks.

My wife and I have already donated masks to many different people and organisations but we do not have the money to do this in a large scale.

We can't give the masks for free, but we can offer our resources , our time for free.

The price of masks change everyday now and shipping becomes increasingly difficult. The shipment we have received have cost us £2 per mask, this will likely increase with each shipment.

We are selling these masks at cost price and will make no profit from them we are doing this to help save lives of those working on the front line.

These masks are currently only available to health care staff ,NHS, care homes, carers and other front line workers. It will be hard to regulate this so we will only ship to an Address that we can verify as being associated to a health care profession, alternatively if you cannot do this you can send us proof of your employment and we can ship to your home address. We are doing this to prevent people buying them for resale.

Any customer can purchase them and have them shipped to a NHS address as a donation.

There are concerns that some masks that come from china may not be of the correct standard, our masks come with a factory certificate and we have done as much as we can to verify it as being genuine. 

Anyone using a face mask should receive training from a health profession on how to wear it.

Please note these masks are disposable and cannot be reused - reusing masks can be dangerous.

The maximum order quantity will initially be 10 pieces.

All money we receive will be used to purchase more masks to help protect our front line workers. 

We aim to deliver masks in a 2-3 day time frame - non contact collection is available in Glasgow.

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