Mesh Chain

The chain is plated with a heavy deposit of metal plating to ensure a good quality finish and longer life span.
The chain unless otherwise stated has a 1mm-1.5mm hole through the middle of the link for wire to be threaded through, it can be a little difficult to thread wire through longer lengths of wire, say 15cm's or more, to make a necklace from this product we would reccommend using glue-in end connectors or a wire choker.
End Connectors: Using a good quality glue such as E6000 or 401 craft and jewellery glue, you can quickly and easily attach the chain to an end connector, which can then be attached to a clasp or extention chain.
 Bullet & barrel shaped end caps.
Wire choker: By removing the crimp on one end of the choker, the articulated chain can be threaded on very easily, once the wire is full reattach the crimp, again its very easy and quick.