Sparkling acrylic faceted rondelle beaded bracelets - make your own jewellery kit - 25 Pieces £0.80 Each

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A colourful sparkling bracelet for only 80p each

Choose upto 3 colour combinations- please enter your choice in the drop down box

1. Baby pink  2. Pink  3. Purple  4. Amethyst 5. grass green 6.Dark green
7. Yellow  8. Orange 9. Turquoise 10. Sapphire blue 11. White 12. Red

Each bracelet is made to a size of approcimately 19cm's - standard adult size

21 x 8mm x 10mm faceted rubberised acyrlic rondelle bead
21 x 8mm rhinestone rondelle spacer bead
1 x 15cm elastic

Kit contents:

525  10mm acylic beads of your chosen colours 195 grams
525  8mm rhinestone rondelle acylic spacer beads
1 roll elastic

Tools needed: not supplied

Clear nail varnish


Thread beads onto the elastic
Tie a reaf knot three times
Trim excess elastic
Seal knot with clear nail varnish

RRP £4.00

Sold at £4.00 each will net a return of £100 earning £80.00 profit.

25 bracelets = 525 pieces

Technical specifications

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Condition New


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